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Venturer Scout Award Scheme


The aim of the Award Scheme is to widen interests and knowledge. Its rationale is based on the Aim and Methods of Scouting allowing for fun, variety, personal choice and to assist in planning for a balanced program. It is a system to encourage you to try a wide range of activities, which will challenge Venturers.

The Venturer Scout Award Scheme has four stages:

1. The Venturing Skills Award
2. The Venturer Award
3. The Endeavour Award
4. The Queen’s Scout Award
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All forms can be found on MyScout including a Queen’s Scout Award Planning Worksheet, which is quite awesome since it shows all of the components of the Venturer Award Scheme and can be used to show at a glance which ones you have completed etc. Thank you Danny for producing this.



Powerpoint presentation explaining the Award Scheme:

Venturer Scout Award Scheme.ppt (1.2MB)

Queen's Scout Award Checklist

Queen's Scout Award Worksheet

Queen's Scout Award Guidelines